About Bookful Bites

What if a sentence could change a life?

Well one book did that for us. The 1% Rule by Tommy Baker, provided the inspiration to significant change through a mindset shift, simply taking small incremental daily actions, to start running just 5 minutes a day to a half marathon in a matter of months.

This inspired a journey to capture the ideas that move people to change for the better, sharing these through easy-to-digest book summaries; and providing inspiration to others beyond ourselves.

Bookful Bites provides book summaries on topics linked to the quest to fulfil our human potential through mindset change, self-development and self-mastery.

We believe in the power of books and the ideas they contain to shape hearts and minds. We also know that modern life is busy! Bookful Bites provides the solution – book summaries that capture the essential ideas in digestible bites.

Bookful Bites summaries are like the appetiser in a meal – they whet your appetite and get you ready for more. So start here on our website, read our book summaries and then click on the links to delve in and buy the full books. Enjoy!

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