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When More Equals Less – The Law of Diminishing Returns

I found myself running more but running less. I found myself sleeping more but energised less. I found myself with more writing time, but writing less.   I found myself doing more of the “right things”, but instead achieving less. Running slower, feeling more lethargic, delivering less. What had gone wrong? I soon realised IContinue reading “When More Equals Less – The Law of Diminishing Returns”

The Virtue of Jam & 9 Other Tools to help you become a Better Decision Maker

Struggle with making decisions? Glad to know I’m not alone. I find myself in a constant state of flux – my mind and soul – a jumble of limitless options and alternating possibilities. My mind fools me into the illusion of progress, in thinking about, imagining, researching and navigating a rich landscape of thrilling opportunities.Continue reading “The Virtue of Jam & 9 Other Tools to help you become a Better Decision Maker”

The Blank State

We are all born into a world, not of our own making. We inherit ways of looking at the world, paradigms and thoughts, from those who have come before us. Even those non-conformists in rejecting the conditioning and indoctrination of the systems and rules they find themselves entangled in, are by default, bound and controlled,Continue reading “The Blank State”

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