Stuck in a Rut?

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. To become trapped by routine, enveloped by monotony – we start to lose our sparkle. Everyday life has a way of establishing a familiar melody, a chorus on repeat. Don’t get me wrong, consistency is great, after all “success is found in your daily routine”. But sometimes,Continue reading “Stuck in a Rut?”

Transformational Change through Peak Experiences

CHANGE I want to write about change. Deep fundamental change. Because that’s what we are truly striving for. Change. We read to find answers to our problems. To experience the satisfaction that comes from finally discovering that elusive solution. That’s change. We read to gain inspiration. To enable us to move from A to B.Continue reading “Transformational Change through Peak Experiences”

IDEAS THAT STICK – 5 actionable ideas from books I’ve read this year

“The smallest of implementations is always worth more than the grandest of intentions” (Robin Sharma) You can read all of the books and blogsites in the world, but what really counts is what sticks. The ideas that you read AND IMPLEMENT are the ones that move your life forward. The ideas that have nestled their way into aContinue reading “IDEAS THAT STICK – 5 actionable ideas from books I’ve read this year”

When More Equals Less – The Law of Diminishing Returns

I found myself running more but running less. I found myself sleeping more but energised less. I found myself with more writing time, but writing less.   I found myself doing more of the “right things”, but instead achieving less. Running slower, feeling more lethargic, delivering less. What had gone wrong? I soon realised IContinue reading “When More Equals Less – The Law of Diminishing Returns”

The Blank State

We are all born into a world, not of our own making. We inherit ways of looking at the world, paradigms and thoughts, from those who have come before us. Even those non-conformists in rejecting the conditioning and indoctrination of the systems and rules they find themselves entangled in, are by default, bound and controlled,Continue reading “The Blank State”

Successful Women Think Differently, by Valorie Burton

Buy the book here! DIGEST THIS! THE ESSENTIAL IDEA: Happiness comes before success. Adopt mindsets and practices that increase your true happiness, and success will follow. Although this book is aimed at women, lessons shared can apply to anyone. The book focuses on 9 habits and this book summary is structured differently, highlighting the essentialContinue reading “Successful Women Think Differently, by Valorie Burton”